3 Ways to Switch Between Multiple Discord Mobile Accounts

iOS & Android Discord apps don’t allow switching between multiple Discord accounts. However, you can bypass this by logging into one account on Discord mobile browser and another account on the Discord app. Another solution is to create clones of your Discord app, with each clone having another account.

Use Discord mobile browser for the secondary account

The simplest way to switch between multiple Discord accounts is to use the Discord app for your main account and the mobile browser version of Discord for your secondary account. 

Step 1:  Open your mobile browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Samsung Browser etc.) and go to https://discord.com/login .

Step 2: Log into your secondary Discord account.

Step 3: If you are redirected to the Discord app, go back to your mobile browser and refresh the page. You should now be logged in.

Discord keeps redirecting from browser to app: In some cases, the mobile browser version of Discord will redirect you to the Discord app, so you can’t log into the secondary account. 

Fix 1: Use incognito mode when logging into https://discord.com/login.

Fix 2: If the above doesn’t work, you’ll have to change the Discord app’s settings so that it won’t open discord.com links by default.

On Android: Go to Settings-> Apps -> Discord -> Open by Default -> Turn off “Open supported links”.

On iOS: Be sure to open the link in Safari, since it doesn’t automatically redirect to the Discord app the same Chrome and other browsers do.

Once you’ve logged into your secondary account on the browser version of Discord, you can start switching between accounts.

If you want a more powerful and feature-rich alternative, the next best solution is to clone your Discord app.

Use cloned parallel apps on iOS and Android

A super neat feature that both iOS and Android phone support is app cloning, sometimes called parallel apps.

As the name implies, this feature allows you to run two parallel copies of the same app.

Using Discord as an example, you can run Clone 1, which logs you into your main account, while Clone 2 lets you log into your secondary account.

However, cloning apps allow you to be logged in to multiple accounts for every app, not just Discord! This means you can log into multiple accounts on Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, TikTok etc. etc.

For both iOS and Android, you will need to download a separate app to perform app cloning. 

However, some Android phone makers, such as Samsung, OnePlus, and Xiaomi, support this feature natively.

Fortunately, these apps are mostly free, pretty easy to use, and require no jailbreaking on iOS or rooting your phone on Android.

Here is a list of iOS cloning / parallel apps:

And now the same list for Android cloning / parallel apps:

While each of these apps has a different UI, the workflow is similar for all of them:

  • Open the cloning/parallel app.
  • Add the app you want to clone (in this case Discord).
  • From within the cloning app, open the Discord app.
  • Log in to your secondary account on the cloned Discord app.
  • To switch to your main Discord account, switch between the cloning app and the actual Discord app on your device.

That’s pretty much how it works. Do note that some cloning apps are better than others.

Some are more stable, others have a better UI, some have ads while some don’t, some allow 2-3 clone apps on the free version while others allow just one.

It can take a while to find the right cloning app for you, so it’s best to do this when you have 20-30 minutes available.

How to use multiple Discord accounts on desktop browsers

To switch between Discord accounts on Desktop, simply do the following:

  1. Click on your profile name in the bottom left corner.
  2. Click “Switch Accounts”.
  3. Choose the account you want to switch to.

Fortunately, switching between Discord accounts on desktop browsers is straightforward and doesn’t require any complex steps or apps.

Use server profiles for extra anonymity

There are many reasons to use multiple Discord accounts, but if you’re concerned mostly about privacy then another neat feature worth checking out is Discord’s personalized server profiles.

As the name implies, this feature allows you to customize your nickname for a particular server.

To activate server profiles, tap on Profile -> Profiles -> Server Profiles.

The limitations of this feature is that users who click on your profile can still see your real Discord profile and username.

Do note that this is more of a “paid” feature, since it requires either you or the server to have Discord premium.

In any case, custom server profiles are useful if you want some sort of separation between the profiles you have on different servers.

Paul Bonea
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