5 Settings to Make your Pinterest Account Private & Hidden

Pinterest has a setting called Private profile that will make your account hidden from Pinterest search, as well as remove it from Google or Bing.

To activate Pinterest Private Profile:

  1. Click on Settings.
  2.  Click on Profile Visibility.
  3. Activate Private profile.
  4. Activate Search Privacy

However, Private profile doesn’t make your account and activity invisible. Instead, it just completely removes your account from search results, both within and outside Pinterest.

This means that people who follow you can still see your activity.

Not only that, but people who remembered the link to your profile (usually, pinterest.com/your-username) can still see your profile by manually typing it in the browser.

A simple and crude method to stop your followers from seeing your activity is to block or remove them as followers.

However, there are other settings you can use to stop followers from seeing your activity, without requiring you to block them.

Not only that, but these other settings can also make your entire Pinterest account private and untraceable to you.

Here’s what this involves:

  • Manually remove your Pinterest profile from search engines.
  • Change your profile username
  • Stop others from messaging you.
  • Make your boards secret.
  • Stop Pinterest from sharing your data with advertisers.

Step 1: Manually Remove your Pinterest account from search engines (e.g. Google, Bing etc.)

Even if you activated Private Profile and Search Privacy, it will still take 4-6 weeks for search engines to remove your account from search results.

This is because search engines only revisit a page (including Pinterest profiles) every 4-6 weeks to update their index of web pages.

If you don’t want to wait and want to remove your profile from search results right now, then you can use Google and Bings content removal features to instantly remove the profile from the index.

First, you will need a link to your Pinterest account.

To get it, press the Share icon on the top right of your account.

Next, press copy link.

The link you’ve is a shortened version of your profile URL that should look something like this: https://pin.it/ABuBXCU 

However, you need the full-length link to manually remove your profile from search results.

To get the full link on mobile, open your browser and then copy that short link into the address bar and press Enter.

After the page loads, the short link will be expanded into the full link.

In this case, https://pin.it/ABuBXCU becomes https://pinterest.com/invisibleme29183/

Now, copy the full-length link to your Pinterest profile (the one that looks like this: https://pinterest.com/invisibleme29183/) and then paste it into Google & Bing content removal tools:

Step 2: Change your Pinterest profile username & photo

Even after activating Private profile, people can still navigate to your account if they remember or wrote down the link to it.

Similarly, your followers can still see your account, complete with your username, profile photo, first and last name.

If you really want to make it impossible for anyone to connect you to a Pinterest account, then change your Pinterest profile username, as well as profile photo, first and last name.

If you want to do this as well, go to Edit public profile on either mobile or desktop.

From there, change your profile username, as well as first and last name so it cannot be connected to your personal identity.

Your Pinterest profile username is especially important because Pinterest builds a link to your account by combining pinterest.com with your profile username, as seen in: https://pinterest.com/invisibleme29183/.

By changing your profile username, you will also break the previous link to your account so people can’t access it anymore.

The best part about this is that your account will work just the same as before, except others can no longer find it.

Next, consider changing your first and last name. Doing so will make it impossible for followers or anyone else to connect you to your Pinterest profile.

If your profile photo is very unique to you, then you might want to change that one too.

This is because someone could use Reverse Image Search to find other social media profiles where your image appears, potentially connecting those other social media profiles to your Pinterest account.

Step 3: Make Pinterest boards private

The steps above have made your account pretty difficult to find and hidden the connection between your real identity and your Pinterest account.

However, users can still see your activities on Pinterest, such as pins, repins etc.

To stop this from happening, you must go to every one of your Pinterest boards and make them secret.

To do this, simply go to a board, find the three “…” and press Edit Board.

From there, you need to activate the “Keep this board secret” feature.

Unfortunately, you will need to do this with every board on your account.

If you don’t, the board will be considered public, so every other user can see what’s in there.

Step 4: Stop others from messaging you

The next step is to control who can or cannot send you private messages on Pinterest.

You can edit these options in Settings -> Social permissions -> Message settings.

The list of settings is pretty extensive and covers all possible situations in which another user can message you.

If you wish to ignore every message and not be contacted at all, go to each of the categories and select “Don’t Deliver”.

With “Don’t Deliver”, other users will simply see that any message they send you is not being sent for privacy reasons.

Step 5: Other data privacy settings

The final set of privacy settings listed in this section will stop Pinterest from sharing your data with advertisers.

To do this, go to Settings -> Privacy and data and deactivate all of the settings below:

These settings will stop Pinterest from sharing most, if not all, user data with advertisers.

Do note, however, that these settings do not stop Pinterest from collecting data about you. The only thing it does is limit how it shares data with advertisers.

OPTIONAL: Check how your Pinterest account looks like for other users

If you want to check that everything is ok and your account is 100% private and untraceable, then you can do the following tests:

  1. Open an incognito window in your browser.
  2. Search for your profile on Pinterest using your username, or first and last name.
  3. If your profile doesn’t appear, this means your profile is hidden from search.
  4. Next, copy and paste the link to your Pinterest account.

If you followed all the steps above, your Pinterest username, profile link, profile picture and first and last names should have changed to the new ones you’ve just set.

Also, all of your boards should be hidden, and your account should appear empty of any activity.

If you can still see some of your Pins or boards, this means you haven’t made all of your boards secret.

To fix this, simply go back to your Pinterest app, find the boards that are still public, make them secret and try again.

That should be pretty much it, your Pinterest account should now be completely private, invisible and untraceable to you.

Paul Bonea
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