4 Ways to Zoom In/Out In Chrome (or Magnify Parts of Pages)

There are multiple ways to zoom in or out on Chrome, depending on whether you need to zoom in on just a single web page, every website you visit on Chrome, or even a small portion of a page.

To zoom a single page in Chrome, press Ctrl and + to zoom in, and Ctrl and – to zoom out. To change zoom settings for all websites, open Settings, then Appearance, and adjust Font Size and Page Zoom. Finally, Windows Magnifier can zoom in on a part of the screen.

Keyboard shortcuts 

 The simplest way to zoom in or zoom out on Chrome is by using the following keyboard shortcuts:Windows or Linux keyboard shortcuts: 

Zoom In: Ctrl and +

Zoom Out: Ctrl and –

MacOS keyboard shortcuts:

Zoom In: ⌘ and +

Zoom Out: ⌘ and –

Chrome settings

 Besides these keyboard shortcuts, you can also use Chrome’s settings to zoom in and out of a page.

To do so, click on the Options button in Chrome (the three vertical dots), and click on the “+” or “-“ buttons to zoom in or zoom out.

Adjust Zoom for all websites in Chrome

 If you want to adjust zoom levels in Chrome for all websites and pages and not just one page, then click on the Options button in the top left corner (three vertical dots) and then Settings.

In settings, click on Appearance. From there, you can see the Font Size and Page Zoom options.

At this point, customize the settings to find the right balance for you. 

Use Windows Magnifier to zoom only a part of the page.

 If you want to magnify only a part of a web page, consider using the Windows Magnifier. This is a feature that allows you to magnify just a part of the screen, instead of the entire screen.

To use Windows Magnifier, type “magnifier” in the Windows search bar and open the Magnifier app. 

Alternatively, you can use a keyboard shortcut: Windows Key and + to open the magnifier, or Windows Key and Esc to close it.

After activating Magnifier, a magnifier bar will appear that lets you zoom in (but not zoom out) either on your entire screen, or a part of it, as if using a magnifying lens.

If you don’t like the default settings, you can click on the gear icon to open Settings. Within the settings, you can change a few useful features, such as:

  • Magnification increments (for example, from 100% – 200% or from 100% – 125% – 150% -175% etc.)
  • Magnification View (Full screen – entire screen is magnified, Lens – only a part of the screen is magnified, Docked – the magnified portion is attached to the normal screen).
Paul Bonea
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