3 Ways to View Chegg Answers For Free

Chegg is one of the most well-known online education services, more so than even Bartleby, Quizlet or SolutionInn.

It also has the largest database of homework-style science questions & answers. Unfortunately, the answers to the questions are blurred, to force users to subscribe to the premium version of Chegg.

This, of course, raises a question: is it possible to view the answers on Chegg for free without a paid subscription?

Viewing Chegg’s answers for free is difficult to do now since Chegg no longer offers a free trial. However, you can still view the answers for free with online tools such as Homeworkify or by using a Discord bot to share a Chegg account with multiple people and split the costs.

Does Chegg have a free trial?

As of 2023, Chegg no longer offers a free trial.

In the past, Chegg used to offer a 1-month free trial period for new users. Unfortunately, Chegg has ended its free trial feature, and users must now pay upfront to start using the service.

As a result, users can no longer use Chegg for free by creating a bunch of new accounts and signing up for the free trial period.

Despite this, there are still a few ways available for users to unblur the answers to Chegg questions. 


Homeworkify is the simplest and most straightforward way to view Chegg answers for free and works with four simple steps:

  1. Copy the Chegg question URL link.
  2. Paste the link in the Homeworkify search box.
  3. Provide a valid email address where you will receive the answer.
  4. Open the email from Homeworkify and click on the link to the answer.

That’s pretty much all there is to it. As long as a Chegg question has an answer, Homeworkify will be able to recover it for you.

The service does, however, have a few important limitations you should know about:

The most important is that Homeworkify is sometimes taken down because of copyright violations. As such, the https://homeworkify.net/ URL will sometimes redirect you to different URLs that haven’t been taken down yet.

At the time of writing this article, https://homeworkify.net/ redirects to https://homeworkify.eu/mirror-1

Another important limitation is that you have to use a Gmail account to receive emails with your answer. Other email providers, such as Outlook or Yahoo, don’t work.  

Fortunately, Gmail is completely free to use. If you don’t already have a Gmail address, just create a disposable Gmail purely for Chegg answers.

Next up, you can only unlock one question at a time. Also, any links you receive from Homeworkify are single-use and valid for only 5 minutes.

This means that if you want to revisit the Chegg question and its answer, you’ll either have to save the question and answer in a document somewhere or ask Homeworkify to provide you with the answer again.

Finally, if you’re on desktop, make sure you disable any ad blockers you may have, since they might stop the URL from loading the answer. If that happens, you have to restart the process again.

Share a Chegg account (and use the Einstein Discord bot)

If you don’t like Homeworkify, then another option is to share a Chegg account with someone else and split the costs.

Unfortunately, Chegg only supports a maximum of two registered devices per account.

This means that you could normally only share a Chegg account with one other person and split the costs 50/50.

However, if you’re just a bit comfortable with technology, you could use the EinsteinBot for Discord, which fetches questions and answers from a paid Chegg account and feeds them in message form into a Discord server.  

The EinsteinBot for Discord still requires a paid Chegg account, but you’re no longer limited by the two devices per account rule and can thus spread the costs of a Chegg subscription across 5, 10, or even 20 people. 

Thus, a $20-a-month subscription can become a $1–2 one with some basic Internet tinkering.

Do note, however, that it’s possible Chegg might find and ban your account for breaking its Terms of Service. This risk will only increase as more people use the EinsteinBot on your Discord server.

Use Discord servers that are similar to Chegg

If you’re not particularly hung up on Chegg and are open to trying other similar education services, then consider trying out the two Discord groups below and see how they work for you:

Homework Central

Homework Central is a free Discord server where students ask questions for problems in physics, economics, history, coding, or art while tutors specialized in those subjects try to guide them to the answer.

This Discord server isn’t particularly big, and there is a lack of tutors, so many questions go unanswered.

Despite that, it can still be useful since you can get answers to at least a few of your questions, plus you can also DM tutors directly and talk with them more in depth in Discord’s chat function.

StudyXHomework Help

StudyX is a Discord server built around two components:

  1. An AI chatbot based around ChatGPT 4 (meaning the premium version), which you can access for free for scientific questions.
  2. Carpet, a Q&A bot that has access to 70 million questions and their answers. 

The AI chatbot integration isn’t particularly impressive, since you can just use ChatGPT instead. However, the community Q&A answers are particularly useful and very much worth checking out.

Paul Bonea
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