4 Ways to Use Facebook Marketplace without an Account

It’s easy to understand why many, many people would never want to make a Facebook account.

However, it’s also true that Facebook has managed to build a few useful services, such as Marketplace, that have widespread use.

Which raises the question: is it possible to use Facebook Marketplace without making a Facebook account?

In short, you cannot use Facebook Marketplace without a Facebook account. As an exception, users from the USA and a few other countries can view marketplace listings, but cannot communicate with sellers or sell products. Thus, you must either create or buy a Facebook account to access Marketplace.

Browse & view Facebook Marketplace while logged out

In most countries, you will need a Facebook account to even view and navigate the Marketplace. 

However, in the USA and a few other countries, you are free to browse and view the listings on the Marketplace even if you don’t have a Facebook account. Simply go to https://www.facebook.com/marketplace and see for yourself.

You are, however, limited in what you can do.

For example, you cannot:

  • Set alerts for new products or price decreases.
  • Communicate with sellers.
  • Setup your own listings to sell products.

Also, from time to time, you will see this annoying login pop-up keep appearing:

If you’re on Chrome, you can usually bypass this by pressing F12, right clicking on the Refresh button, and then clicking “Empty Cache and Hard Reload”.

Even while logged out, you can still use Facebook Marketplace’s search function and filters. However, in some cases, it’s better and faster to simply use Google or Bing to find product listings.

All you have to do is type “[product name] [location] Facebook Marketplace,” and you should get a pretty good list of results.

Here’s an example for “hyperx cloud 2 New York Facebook Marketplace”.

Use a VPN if you’re outside USA

If you’re from outside the USA, such as a European Union country, your access to Facebook Marketplace is completely restricted, so that you cannot even browse the Marketplace while logged out.

One workaround is to install a free VPN and tunnel to the USA.  

After you’ve connected to the USA, simply go to https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/ and start browsing as a regular USA user.

Create a fake Facebook account

The above methods do work to some extent, but Facebook will continually annoy you to log in, ruining your overall user experience.

One solution in this case is to simply create a fake Facebook account to access Facebook Marketplace.

You can quickly create an expendable Facebook account by using a temporary mail and phone number service such as:

When registering, be sure to specify the city or town you currently live in, since Marketplace needs this to find products and sellers in your general location.

You can even use a fake Facebook marketplace account to buy and sell stuff, but only in person.

If you want to ship products or receive payments through PayPal, you will have to provide your Social Security Number or Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN). 

Finally, it’s possible you may not even see the Marketplace at all. 

This is because Facebook often prevents new accounts from seeing the Marketplace feature. It’s part of their efforts to lower spam and reduce the frequency of scammers (very common on Facebook Marketplace).

If you’ve gone down this path and created a fake account (or even a legitimate one), but still can’t see the Facebook Marketplace option, then try following the steps below :

  • Directly visit the Facebook Marketplace link: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/
  • Try to use your Facebook account as a normal user meaning: join groups, leave a few comments, add a friend or two etc.
  • Navigate through Facebook’s settings to activate the Marketplace feature.
  • Be sure your age is at least 18 years old.
  • Wait 30 days so your account is “aged in” and trustworthy, according to Facebook’s algorithms.

Buy a fake Facebook account

If none of the solutions above satisfy you and you really need access to the Facebook Marketplace right away, then the solution of last resort is to simply buy a Facebook account that is “aged”.

As strange as it may sound, there’s a small, but thriving, black market for people who buy and sell Facebook accounts.

We usually strongly recommend against buying Facebook accounts since there are some risks involved.

For example, the account may have belonged to someone who was hacked, or the account may already be flagged in Facebook’s system as spammy.

Because of this, there’s always a risk of having the account banned while you’re in the middle of using it.

If you want to go down this path, know that the business is pretty shady, since buying and selling Facebook accounts is against the company’s Terms of Service.

Here are just some of the sites where you can buy Facebook accounts: 

Finally, here are some tips to help you navigate this shady area of the Internet.

  • Try not to use a VPN while using the account. Facebook will detect the VPN and flag the account as suspicious.
  • Try to find an account that is phone verified and has an address within the country you wish to operate.
  • Don’t immediately change the name of account once you get it. Wait a few days or weeks instead.
  • Whenever possible, try to use the account the same way a normal user would.


Unfortunately, there is no simple, elegant workaround that allows using Facebook Marketplace without an account. From the very beginning, Facebook was built as a “walled garden,” where users could only access the content within by having a Facebook account.

Marketplace is no exception to this, so you’re pretty much stuck and have to play by Facebook’s rules if you want to access it, and that mostly means having a Facebook account, whether a real or fake one.

Paul Bonea
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