3 Ways to Print Pinterest Boards (In High Quality Resolution)

Extracting the images from a Pinterest board and then printing them out is very simple and straightforward.

The only slightly difficult problem is extracting the Pinterest images in high resolution.

If you use low resolution images, your prints, posters or t-shirts will look blurry and poor quality.

When users upload a photo to Pinterest, Pinterest will create a few low-resolution copies used as thumbnails.

Most of the times these low-resolution thumbnail copies have just 30-40% of the detail in the original images!

Because of this, if you aren’t careful, you risk printing the low-resolution Pinterest thumbnails instead of the high quality originals.

Before you start printing images from Pinterest though, it’s worth taking a glance over the legal aspects of it.

Legality of printing Pinterest boards

As a general rule of thumb, you are not allowed to print Pinterest images without permission or license from the account owner because they are copyright protected.

However, there is an exception to this rule called fair use which states that a copyrighted picture can only be used for educational, personal or research purposes, or if it’s beneficial to the public.

In a nutshell, this generally means it’s OK to print Pinterest images without asking permission if you want to do stuff such as:

  • Create a few t-shirts or posters for yourself or your home.
  • Print Pinterest images as part of a research paper or essay.
  • Publish an article that contains an artwork and you explain how it was done.

On the other hand, you must ask for permission if you want to print Pinterest images for:

  • Selling t-shirts or posters decorated with Pinterest images.
  • Creating prints and sharing them (even for free) with friends or family.
  • Reusing Pinterest images on your own blog or site.

The important thing to note however is that the copyright to those images doesn’t belong to Pinterest, but to the individual Pinterest users that publish the images.

This means that if you want to print images from Pinterest for commercial use, you’ll first have to contact the copyright holder and obtain written permission.

3 methods to print Pinterest boards

Option 1: You don’t care about quality and just want it done now

If you don’t care about the quality of the images and just want to print them ASAP, then simply do the following:

  1. On desktop, open Chrome browser (install it if you don’t have it).
  2. Go to the Pinterest board you want to print.
  3. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the board so all the images are loaded in.
  4. Press “Ctrl + S” or go to Options -> More Tools -> Save Page As…
  1. Save the Pinterest board as “Web Page, Complete” in a new folder.
  1. Open the folder where you saved the web page and click on the “Pinterest Files” folders.
  1.  Sort the folder by “Type” so all the JPG images are lined in a single column.
  1. Select all the JPG images, right click and press Print.

This method is very quick and doesn’t require you to install any plugins or extra software. However, this method has some big disadvantages:

  • Sometimes it doesn’t save all the images in the board. The Pinterest board in our example had 89 images, but only 35 were saved in our folder.
  • The saved images are low resolution thumbnails that aren’t very good for prints.

If the disadvantages of this method don’t work for you, then we suggest your try out these two alternatives:

Option 2: Install a program & print all images in highest quality

If you do care about printing every image in a Pinterest board in the highest quality possible, then your best choice is WFDownloader, a free desktop program for PC and Mac.

WFDownloader is an easy to uses tool that can bulk download entire image galleries, wallpapers, documents, videos, audio files, etc., from supported sites like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, ArtStation, etc.

The best part about WFDownloader is that it will download every image from a board in the highest possible resolution.

Finally, we have tested WFDownloader extensively, and found it to be best and easiest to use such tool.

  1. To download it, go to the WFDownloader site, press the “Download Now!” button.
  1. After you’ve downloaded the program, install it and open it. You should be greeted with this interface:
  1. Click the big “Add” button.
  1. In the pop-up window, you must now copy paste the link of your Pinterest board in the “Link Adress” field:

Also be sure to select a folder where the images should be downloaded.

  1. WFDownloader will then load a bit and then show you a list of links that contain media files (in our case, Pinterest images).
  1. Press Confirm.
  1. On the next screen, press “Start” to download all the files.
  1. Your files are now downloaded in the save folder you selected.
  1. A super quick way to access them is to right click on any of the images in the list and press “Open Folder”.

This will automatically open the folder where you’ve saved the photos, images, videos, and whatever else you have downloaded.

  1. Once you open the folder, simply type Ctrl + A, right click and press “Print”.

Option 3: Use a Chrome plugin to print the images

If you don’t want to install WFDownloader, then your next best option to print every image from a Board in high quality is the ImageAssistant Batch Downloader Chrome plugin.

ImageAssistant works by scanning a web page and identifying every single image available on it. You can then select which images to download and which ones to ignore.

The biggest disadvantage of ImageAssistant is that it also finds the low-resolution thumbnail images, and even other images that are hidden in the background.

This makes ImageAssistant feel cluttered, and you’ll have to spend some time selecting which images you want to download and print.

  1. To start printing images, go to the ImageAssistant Batch Image Downloader and install it on your Chrome browser.
  1. Next, go to any Pinterest board you want. If the board has many photos, scroll all the way to the bottom so all photos are loaded on the page so you can save them.
  1. Next, click on the Image Assistant icon in the plugin toolbar. Then click “Extract Current Page”.
  1. Image Assistant will then show you every image on the board. Unfortunately, you will also see many more images that are hidden in the background and don’t belong to that board.
  1. To download the images, you will first have to select them. You can do that by clicking on the “Select” button on the right or by using the “Select All” / “Select None” toggle button.

After you have selected all the images you want to download, click “Download selected”.

  1. A pop-up will then appear that will customize the download path of ImageAssistant. We suggest you use the configuration listed in the image below.

After downloading your images you can find them in the Downloads folder, at a path that should look like this: C:\Users\[YOUR NAME]\Downloads\ImageAssistant_Batch_Image_Downloader.

  1. From there, simply select your images, right click and press “Print”.
Paul Bonea
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