5 Different Methods To Find Someone’s Pinterest Account

There are a lot of ways you can find a person or a friend on Pinterest so you can follow them.

The most straightforward method to find a Pinterest profile is by using the Profile search filter. If that doesn’t work, think of any Pinterest profile the person might follow, and try finding their profile in the Follower list. Another option is searching for profiles using a phone number.

1.      Use Profile Search on Desktop / Mobile apps

By default, doing a search on Pinterest will show you content (Pins, boards, saves etc.) instead of user profiles.

However, you can tell the Pinterest search engine to search for user profiles instead.

On the Pinterest mobile app on both Android and iOS, you can find someone by searching for the person’s name in the search bar, then scrolling sideways underneath the search bar and tap on the “Profiles” filter.

On Pinterest for desktop, perform a search for a person’s real name or username, and then click on the “Profiles” filter just underneath the search bar.

You’ll then be shown a long list of profiles, and hopefully you can find the one you’re searching for.

2.      Find Pinterest profiles by starting searches with “@”

Another way to do profile searches on both desktop and mobile apps is to start your search with a “@”. This narrows the search results and tells Pinterest’s search engine you’re more interested in profiles, rather than content.

For example, if you wanted to search for a person named Andrew Moore, you could try typing “@andrewmoore” or “@andrew moore”.

You’ll then just have to click on “Profiles” and browse all the results for the person you were looking for.

3.      Find person A by using person’s B follower / following list

If you haven’t been able to find the person or friend through the search bar, then another option is to find their profile through the follower / following list of a different person that probably knows them.

In other words, if you want to find Person A, then look in the follower / following list of Person B and see if you can find them there.

4.      Find the person’s Pinterest username by searching their usernames from other social media

People tend to be pretty consistent about the usernames they have online, and generally use the same one across multiple different social media accounts.

Thus, if you know your friend’s Twitter or Discord accounts, you could try searching for the same account names in Pinterest.

For example, if you know the person frequently uses the nickname “FloppyGhost313” on Discord, you can try using that username on Pinterest as well.

 Another option is to search using the first part of an email address (ex: if their email is MooresLaw@gmail.com, try searching “MooresLaw”).

5.      Find someone on Pinterest using their phone number

It is possible to find someone on Pinterest through their phone number, but that requires both you and the other person to give Pinterest access to your full contact list, complete with names and phone numbers.

So finding someone’s Pinterest accounts through their phone number requires you to give up a lot of privacy.

But to make matters worse, if the person you’re looking for hasn’t given Pinterest access to their phone list, then you still can’t find their account through their phone number, even if you’ve given Pinterest access to your own list.

If you’re ok with this, then here’s what you need to do:

On Pinterest, go to Settings -> Privacy and data -> Store your Contacts -> Activate the Slider -> Approve and allow uploading of your contacts to Pinterest.

Once that is complete, you can then find the Pinterest account of your friend as an attachment in their phone contact list. So just navigate to your phone list, go to the contact, and see if their Pinterest account appears there.

Chances are it won’t, since very few users give Pinterest access to their phone number list.

Paul Bonea
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