5 Ways to Block & Mute Pinterest Ads (Mobile + Desktop)

Pinterest, like most social media apps, is now filled with ads, promoted pins, and paid videos that make the experience of using Pinterest a chore or even deceptive in some cases. This is a shame since Pinterest is a unique social media platform and there’s nothing quite like it.

Fortunately, there are some ways to block or mute ads on Pinterest, both on mobile and browser versions. They are not 100% effective, but they do make a noticeable difference and decrease the number of ads you see. 

How to block Pinterest ads on desktop and mobile

As a rule of thumb, it’s much easier to block ads on the desktop browser version compared to the mobile version. 

That is of course, inconvenient since most Pinterest users prefer to browse on mobile devices.

Unfortunately, Pinterest mobile users can’t avoid ads the same way YouTube users can by installing YouTube Vanced or YouTube++ (unofficial apps that block ads) or how Reddit mobile users can avoid ads by using a different Reddit client such as Relay or Reddit Is Fun.

However, even Pinterest mobile users have a few solutions up their sleeves to cut down on the number of ads they see.

Block desktop Pinterest ads with an ad blocker

Normal websites load content from one server and ads from another server. Ad blockers work by blocking information from ad servers but leaving information from content servers unaffected.

Pinterest serves both ads and content from a single server, so you need to setup filters to block out ads on Pinterest while leaving regular content unaffected.

As an example, here’s how you can set up these ad blocking filters for uBlock Origin:

  1. Copy the two lines of text below:

www.pinterest.com##:xpath(//div[@title="Promoted by"]/ancestor::node()[19])
  1. Open the uBlock Origin Settings
  1. Go to “My filters” and copy/paste the two lines of text.
  1. Go to “Filter lists” and click “Update now”

That’s it. uBlock Origin should now block every single pin that is labeled as “Promoted” from appearing in your feed and searches.

The disadvantage, however, is that you will now have “gaps” in your search results or home feed, since the Promoted pins and ads are still technically there, they’re just invisible and not possible to interact with:

This basic process should be the same if you’re using other ad blockers, such as AdLock or AdGuard. 

You’ll just have to find their equivalent of “Filters” and what command you need to copy/paste. A Google search should be enough to find what you need.

How to block Pinterest ads on mobile

It’s not possible to completely block all ads in the Pinterest Android/iOS app. 

What you can do, however, is switch to a mobile browser such as Firefox or Safari, and then install an ad-blocker extension within the browser. 

Of course, this is a major inconvenience since the mobile browser version of Pinterest is greatly inferior to the official Pinterest mobile app, but it’s the only way to completely block ads while on mobile.

iOS users can install an ad blocking extension on the native Safari browser. Unfortunately, uBlock Origin isn’t available on iOS, but you can install AdGuard for iOS instead, which does mostly the same thing.

Android users mostly use Chrome, which doesn’t support browser extensions. An alternative is to switch to Firefox mobile and install either uBlock Origin or AdGuard as an add-on.

Assuming you’ve installed AdGuard on your mobile device, here’s how to set-up filters so you can block Pinterest ads:

  1. Copy the following text lines:

www.pinterest.com##:xpath(//div[@title="Promoted by"]/ancestor::node()[19])
  1. Open AdGuard and go to User Rules
  1. Paste the text and press “Save”.

Congratulations; that should be it. Here is how your Pinterest search results should look if everything works as it should.

How to limit / mute Pinterest ads on mobile & desktop

The two methods above are the only ways you can actually block Pinterest ads in any way. 

If neither of them is appealing to you, then the next best option is to “train” Pinterest so that it doesn’t display as many (or as annoying ads) as it currently does.

Change your personal information

Clicking on a Pinterest ad gives you the option to see why you are seeing an ad. This will present you with a list of categories that you fit in, and which advertisers use to target you with ads:

Most of this information is taken from your own Personal Information that you’ve used to complete your Pinterest profile.

You can find this information by going to Settings -> Personal Information.

If you want to avoid being so heavily bombarded by Pinterest ads, then change your age so you’re under 18 and switch your gender to Custom and specify something non-typical, such as “Dunno”.

This method should work in drastically cutting how many ads you see because 1) advertisers don’t target under-18s since they don’t have much spending money and 2) advertisers really want to know your gender since men and women have different spending habits.

How to mute Pinterest ads from auto-playing

A major annoying factor of Pinterest ads is that many of them are loud and auto-play. You can fix this by going to Settings -> Social Permissions -> scroll to bottom -> Deactivate Autplay videos on Wi-Fi and data.

Block a Pinterest account and its ads

This isn’t a permanent fix for the Pinterest ad problem, but what you can do is individually block accounts that keep spamming your feed with ads.

All you have to do is navigate to the account that finances the ads and block the account.

Again, it’s not a permanent fix by any means, but it does at least give you as a user some control over what ads you see.


Unfortunately, Pinterest does not allow blocking ads on Android or iOS apps. One workaround is to use Pinterest on a mobile browser like Firefox, combined with an ad blocker. On desktop however, you can use an ad blocker with some content filters to block out Pinterest promoted pin ads.

Paul Bonea
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